[kokua-dev] New Google Calendar & Happy Holidays

ZATZAi zatzai at zatzai.com
Wed Dec 21 14:20:50 PST 2011

Happy Holidays everyone,

	We have a new Google Calendar to reflect the new meeting time 
(Wednesdays at 20:00 GMT). They are at the same place, the Hoagie sim on 
the 3rd Rock Grid. Further calendar and the meetings are open to the 
public like before (They're just not meant for tech support). Also there 
will be no meeting next week on the 28th, but we'll start again in the 
new year on the 4th. I hope you all have a safe and fun <insert what you 
celebrate here>. ;-)

Google Calendar HTML:


Google Calendar ICS:


Google Calendar XML:


-Matthew Nitti | ZATZAi

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