[kokua-dev] 64-bit linux build of Nicky P.'s HACD-Kokua lib

Nicky Perian nickyperian at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 4 12:45:19 PST 2011


I produced a 64bit library archive a couple of weeks ago. When I built the viewer with it an intermittent crash occurred which was not present in the 32 bit viewer. The problem is documented here https://bitbucket.org/NickyP/kokua-mesh-upload/issue/2/mesh-upload-on-linux-64-bit-crashes-to  == I think this may be a timing issue where 64 bit completes a task faster than 32 bit.

Borun or Armin please take a look at the code involved.


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Subject: [kokua-dev] 64-bit linux build of Nicky P.'s HACD-Kokua lib

Hi all

As you might know, Wolfpup and Nicky Dasmijn (and maybe others,
    dunno who all was involved) have made the HACD library usable for mesh upload and build-able by Linden Lab's autobuild. Nicky Perian was nice enough to adapt their work for Kokua. (Big thanks to all of them!)

Armin, who I think will be working on integrating Nicky Perian's
    viewer changes for enabling mesh upload, asked me to produce a
    64-bit linux build of https://bitbucket.org/NickyP/hacd-k

So here you go: hacd_k-0.162-linux64-20111204.tar.bz2 (MD5: af1366e488a06961ed2902cae873155c, SHA-1: 1c116f23cc65742c1837dbb0746d0432421ad381)

As the build scripts in https://bitbucket.org/NickyP/hacd-k were already set up to automatically build x86_64 libraries when compiling on a 64bit linux, I didn't have to change anything: This build is straight from revision 1bd1a01286e9. Though, I did rename the archive file produced by autobuild build && autobuild package from hacd_k-0.162-linux-20111204.tar.bz2 to hacd_k-0.162-linux64-20111204.tar.bz2.

Let me know whether that lib archive is alright.


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