[kokua-dev] Imprudence Weekly Meetings At A New Time (Wednesdays at 20:00 UTC)

ZATZAi zatzai at zatzai.com
Tue Nov 22 10:41:55 PST 2011

Hey everyone,

     I'm sending this email out over both mailing lists, and to everyone 
who's address I have individually to ensure everyone receives it. At 
last weeks meeting (Nov 17th) we talked about updating when the meetings 
take place and on what day. Thursdays at 20:00 UTC didn't work for 
everyone since the shift in Daylight Savings Time, what we came up with 
was to keep the same time but move it to Wednesdays. If this is a 
problem for some of you and there's no way you can make a Wednesday 
meeting at the same time please speak up and I'll see what can be worked 

     Also, this week, due to the US Holiday there will be no meeting. 
For those of you in the US like myself, I hope you have a good 
Thanksgiving. We'll have out next regular meeting on Wednesday November 
30th the following week. This will be our first meeting at the new day 
and time. Here is a reference of time zones in relation to UTC for the 
new meeting time.

     Wednesday @ 20:00 UTC is the same as...

     Wednesday @ 10:00am HAST (Honolulu)
     Wednesday @ 12:00pm PST (Los Angeles)
     Wednesday @ 4:00pm EST (New York)
     Wednesday @ 8:00pm GMT (London)
     Wednesday @ 9:00pm CET (Berlin)
     Thursday @ 5:00am JST (Tokyo)
     Thursday @ 7:00am EDT (Sydney)

     Jacek, if you could update the Google Calendar to this new time I 
would appreciate it.

-Matthew Nitti | ZATZAi

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