[kokua-dev] stripped redundant merges from bitbucket.org/kokua/kokua

Borun (a.k.a. Boroondas Gupte) borun at kokuaviewer.org
Sat Oct 8 17:17:11 PDT 2011

Aloha fellow Kokuanas,

This is a heads-up that I've stripped the two commits |03cfc6769b83| and
|05600982e223| from the tip of https://bitbucket.org/kokua/kokua. These
two merges merged commits that were already ancestors of each other,
thus serving no purpose.

If you have these in your own repositories, you might want to rebase
your own commits already based on them (if any) using hg transplant
<http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/TransplantExtension> and then remove
them. On your local repositories, the removal can be done using strip
command from the mercurial queues extension

    |hg strip 03cfc6769b83|

To remove them from your bitbucket repos, go the repository's page,
click '*Admin*' near the top and then '*Strip changesets*' to the left.
In the textfield '*Revision to strip*' enter


, then click '*Preview strip*'. Carefully review the list of removed
commits before confirming the strip with your bitbucket password. (Or to
abort, just navigate away.)

Apologies for the inconveniences,
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