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>If you can move to VS2010, my instructions at http://wiki.kokuaviewer.org/wiki/User:Nicky_Perian#Imprudence_VS_2010_Build_Instructions
>should get you started.
>Thanks for your interest.
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>>Subject: Re: [kokua-team] Initial experience building Imprudence + general questions
>>Hi Bengt
>>Thanks for looking into the Imprudence build and into our inworld build
>>tools. As the ImpDev mailing list is members-only, your message (quoted
>>below) wasn't posted, though. Please subscribe to the list at
>>and resend your message. Then we can answer your questions there, so
>>that others can see the answers, too. (No fear: You can unsubscribe or
>>disable message delivery whenever you don't want to receive the list's
>>messages anymore.)
>>Cheers & hope to see you on the list,
>>On 04/16/2012 01:48 PM, Bengt Gustafsson wrote:
>>> Yesterday I downloaded the imprudence source and built it. I had some
>>> trouble as below, which someone may want to improve.
>>> I think it is very important that it is reasonably easy to start
>>> developing as many developers may be "lost" to the project if they
>>> can't get
 things running quickly enough. Thus below ideas for
>>> improvements:
>>> I'm running VS2008 on a win7-64 machine and I already had cmake
>>> installed in the c:\program files (x86) directory, not in path. That
>>> was easy to fix, but it would be even better if the py script could
>>> sniff out where cmake is. This is however quite easy to figure out so
>>> it is not very important.
>>> I got the PRJ0019 error in the first build due to Bison and Flex not
>>> being found. I had just downloaded Imprudence source and performed all
>>> those prerequisite steps stated for Windows develpment.
>>> The reason seems to be that cmake does not find the c:/cygwin/bin
>>> directory created by the cygwin installation. It generates lines
>>> containing BISON_NOTFOUND in the vproj files. I tried:
>>> before running the develop.py
 script, but strangely this didn't help.
>>> Maybe cmake decided that nothing needed to be done, I have no deeper
>>> understanding of cmake, maybe it thought that nothing needed to be
>>> done and missed the change in the environment.
>>> Finally I resorted to running the bison and flex commands manually,
>>> and then remove some build step in the vcproj files. I would suggest
>>> for future convenience that you check in the indra.l.cpp and
>>> indra.y.cpp files so that all users don't need to do these commands.
>>> On windows it is painful to get it operating. Not many would need to
>>> actually compile the lex and yacc sources... Hopefully this would
>>> remove the need to download cygwin, I don't know what patchutils is
>>> used for, is it really used in the build process?
>>> ----------------------
>>> I have been building stuff in a VR rendition of Uppsala, Sweden in
>>> project called Encitra. This was quite painful due to in world build
>>> tool shortcomings
>>> My aim with this effort is thus mainly to create better build tools in
>>> world. I have been working quite a lot in 3D CAD such as SolidWorks
>>> and there are really cool things you can do in those programs that are
>>> lacking from Imprudence and other SL viewers. I know that someone
>>> called Qarl Fizz did something in this vein a few years back but it
>>> does not seem to have been imported into Imprudence.
>>> My question is basically how I should go about this type of
>>> development with respect to source code handling, so that if I produce
>>> something useful it can get integrated into the main source code tree.
>>> I would also like to know if I should work in Imprudence or Kokua
>>> sources. Or are they "mostly" the same?
>>> Also I am a bit worried that
 the entire project could be close to dead
>>> as there are no releases now for almost a year. Is there another more
>>> active viewer project I should join instead?
>>> Bengt (benke_g)
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