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Sergio Abraham sergio.e.abraham at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 11:45:44 PDT 2012

Hi Nicky,:)

I've compiled another kokua-mac by merging ur code (not latest, but the
former of lastest)
You can find that upload at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/21287778/Kokua

However i've found some issues:

Some libraries are declared only in your viewer_manifest.py, while not in
my original_viewer manifest.py

For example,



they are not present in the filesystem:, and they are not declared in
autobuild.xml neither. Also, I've compared both versions of autobuild.xml
and found they are the same

Also I've renamed some files:

      self.path("viewer.icns")  (i've used 'secondlife.icns' instead)

Ive commented  This line
if self.prefix(src="packaging/mac", dst=""):
to allow
                    self.path("Kokua.nib"), etc to work

Other libs not found neither in filesystem nor autobuild.xml
libortp.dylib it is found in filesystem but not in autobuild.xml
libvivoxsdk.dylib idem
SLVoice idem

In consequence, Vivox is missing

There is a lot of commented code that is for builnding the package .dmg on
mac that I may have to restore.
For the moment this version is not packaged as .dmg file



2012/4/1 Nicky Perian <nickyperian at yahoo.com>

> Check for the lib in the original viewer_manifest.py. It could be
> commented out in the original. This so, do that in the current. Next, check
> build_xxxx/packages/lib and see if the lib is present. If not, that points
> to a possible problem in autobuild.xml not have the correct archive that
> contains the lib. Compare original versus current autobuild.xml for the
> darwin libs and correct current from original.
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> Hi Nicky, how are you?
> I've tried to merge your last changes, and as you said, I 've found some
> errors viewer_manifest.py.
> Some were corrected, however with others I'm not sure  what should be
> done. Could you give me some hints? This one ("missing
> libndofdev.dylib") is the same I got in feb 28. I'm attaching last part of
> the log
> Thank you
> K
> 2012/4/1 Nicky Perian <nickyperian at yahoo.com>
> got a message that the link was incorrect.
> corrected:
> http://wiki.kokuaviewer.org/wiki/Kokua:Experimental#Kokua:Release_Notes.2F3.3.0_Alpha_Mac
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  File "/Users/kentron/Devel/Kentron-kokua-mac/indra/newview/viewer_manifest.py", line 1001
    app_name = "Kokua " + self.args['grid']
IndentationError: unexpected indent
(moved to column 8)

changed path in line 790 (attention! hardcode test!)

commented #
lines 791 792 793 814

	SecondLife.nib to Kokua.nib
	secondlife_firstlook.icns to viewer.icns

	line 817   if self.prefix(src="packaging/mac", dst=""):  
	line 837 self.end_prefix("packaging/mac") 
	lines 842/846 #self.path("vivox-runtime/universal-darwin/libalut.dylib", "lib\
alut.dylib"), etc
No vivox

commented OUT:
	line 1068  #self.package_file = finalname  
	line 982  #finalname = imagename + ".dmg"
	line 979 #imagename = imagename + '_' + self.channel_oneword().upper() 

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