[kokua-dev] Doodle poll: kokua-dev MONTHLY weekEND meetups

Borun (a.k.a. Boroondas Gupte) borun at kokuaviewer.org
Wed Feb 15 14:56:00 PST 2012

Hi again

*Additionally* to our currently held weekly inworld meetups
on Wednesdays, we will hold regular inworld meetups *on weekends*, but
*only once each month*. When? That's up to you all! For those planning
to attend, please indicate on http://www.doodle.com/f6qicc7xz4633db2
when you'll usually be available.

Focus/Scope will be the same as for the Wednesday meetups.

I plan to *close the poll by 2012-02-29 20:00 UTC*. The weekend meetups
will start in March 2012.

Note that

  * *Times are in UTC*. There's not build-in timezone conversion this
    time, because each choice represents several days throughout the
    year. 20 UTC will be *12:00 PM PST* or *21:00 CET* during
    northern-hemisphere winter and 13:00 PM P*D*T or 22:00 CE*S*T during
    northern-hemisphere summer. For conversion in spring and fall, flip
    a coin or something :-P
  * This is *not* a re-scheduling of our weekly mid-week ImpDev meetups,
    *nor* a one-off meeting like the "All-Hands" was. These will be
    *additional* *regular* monthly weekend meetings.
      o For now, weekly ImpDev meetups will continue to be every
        Wednesday at 20:00 UTC. Rescheduling them isn't currently
        planned anymore.
  * Until the poll gets closed, you can edit what you've entered later
    on if your schedule changes. So don't be afraid to enter the poll
    early on.
  * If there's no date when everyone interested can come, availability
    of Kokua team members will be given precedence over the raw
    participant numbers the doodle poll displays.
  * If there's a tie between one of the "20:00 UTC" options and a "*not*
    20:00 UTC" option, the "20:00 UTC" option will "win" by default.
  * If one of the "*not* 20:00 UTC" "wins", we might initiate another
    poll with different times on that day only, to determine which ones
    exactly will be good for everyone.

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