[kokua-dev] kokua mesh upload test viewer

Nicky Perian nickyperian at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 19 13:48:41 PST 2012

Here is a kokua mesh upload test


And I doubly mean test. Therefore, please test with an alt that has
no important inventory content. I tested on aditi and uploaded the
simplebot dae available from here: 


At first try the rigging did not upload
but, after selecting restore defaults from the model upload floater
everything went fine.

The hacd library is at svn r178,
however 178 is OpenMP and compiler VS210 Express doesn't support it
so, 178 is inactive.

I prefer issues be reported in my
bitbucket issues area here:


I suggest using either osgrid sandbox
or secondlifebeta (aditi) grid as no cost will be incurred for the
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