[kokua-dev] Time and place for All-Hands meeting about the future of the Imprudence / Kokua Team, Project and Viewers

ZATZAi zatzai at zatzai.com
Fri Jan 20 00:56:31 PST 2012

Hey everyone.

Sorry if this email is a little long but it's an important one...

So as Boroondas already mentioned we have consulted the Oracle *cough* I 
mean Doodle, and decided on January 29th 2012 (Sunday) at 20:00 UTC 
(Same time as our regular Wednesday Meetings) for the all hands meeting. 
This will be a one time meeting, not a weekly occurrence, so if you can 
clear your schedule to attend it would be very helpful. The meeting is 
scheduled for one hour but it is very likely to run long, so please plan 
accordingly. It's also in the same location as our regular weekly 
meetings, if you've never attended a meeting before and need help on how 
to create and avatar on OSGrid please email me and I will walk you 
through it.

We will have one more regular weekly meeting before the all hands on 
Wednesday January 25th at 20:00 UTC. If you can't attend the all hands 
meeting but want to bring something up please either email this mailing 
list or attend the weekly meeting on Wednesday and I will make a note of 
it to be brought up on the following Sunday.

The meeting is open to everyone, but we particularly need everyone on 
the Imprudence/Kokua team to attend, whether your a developer or in a 
more supportive capacity. I will be announcing the meeting on the blog, 
but I will not be too specific about the time and place. We don't need 
this to turn into a support forum, and we have some very important stuff 
to go over as a team. I'll ask for questions from the public on the blog 
and cherry pick a few to bring up in the meeting.

Here are some questions I thought up at the last regular meeting that I 
think we will want to address at the All Hands...

1. Irregardless of anything else do we as a team want to continue work 
and are there enough of us with enough time available to work on a viewer?

	1a. If the answer is no, do we want to work on something else, such as 
a TPV code respository like Boroondas suggested?

	1b. Assuming the the is yes, do we want to start fresh or continue on 
the old code base?

2. Firestorm, how closely do we want to work with them, or even for them 

3. Git or Hg, let's pick one and stick with it, so which shall it be 
(Git is familiar to many, but Hg is used by LL and it's easier to import 
LL patches to Hg)?

4. Any new client will use the Kokua name, should the project name 
change to Kokua as well or stay Imprudence?

5. Should a fresh start for the project mean a fresh start for the site 
as well? Perhaps an integration of the Blog and Forum using the new 
BBPress plugin. Do we want to stick with Media Wiki and Redmine or 
switch to something else? Further do we need to keep all the anscilliary 
sites like the Q&A site or focus on simplifying our web presence?

6. What focus should the project take, features or stability? Second 
Life first and foremost or OpenSim/Aurora?

7. What should the first thing people see when they load up the viewer 
be? An explanation of the various alternative grids and how to access 
them (Many TPV users never connect to an OpenSim grid). The site blog, 
or a simple tutorial section on the blog? What about a grid picker, and 
should there be a default grid and thus it's landing page showing upon 
first launching the program (And changed to last used upon subsequent 

8. What platforms do we want to support? There is no longer a Mac 
developer, and 64 bit is becoming more mainstream. Should we support 
Linux and Windows 32bit initially, or try to do 32bit and 64bit on some 
of the platforms?

9. User statistics, are there any we can get from LL? If not can we 
create an opt-in within the client for sending hardware stats such as 
CPU, RAM, OS etc? Would this help us in better developing the client for 
our audience?

10. Future weekly meetings, do we wish to reschedule them or is 
Wednesday's at 20:00 working out for everyone?

11. How do we inform the public about what we have decided here today?

Feel free to discuss these issues now, or add any questions or points 
you may have to the list.

-Matthew Nitti | ZATZAi

On 1/18/2012 3:42 PM, Borun (a.k.a. Boroondas Gupte) wrote:
> Hi again!
> On today's meetup
> <http://wiki.kokuaviewer.org/wiki/ImpDev_Meetups/2012-01-18>, we've
> settled on a date and time for the all-hands meeting: *Sunday, 29
> January 2012 20:00 - 21:00 UTC*. (That is 21:00 - 22:00CET or 12:00 -
> 13:00 PST. For other timezones, you can consult the doodle poll at
> http://doodle.com/b9rcz5etq76v2meq —there's a drop down menu to choose
> the timezone.)
> As location, we'll use the Hogie region on 3rd Rock Grid. (The place
> where we also hold our weekly meetups,
> hop://grid.3rdrockgrid.com:8002/Hoagie/180/173/27 )
> ZATZAi will follow up with some topics to discuss at the all-hands meeting.
> Cheers,
> B.
> PS: Some of you might receive this email several times. If you do,
> that's because I've put you in as BCC receivers, to make sure you see
> this whether you've subscribed to one or more of our mailing lists or
> not. I won't do that for future mailings, so if you want to stay
> informed, please subscribe to the ImpDev
> <http://lists.imprudenceviewer.org/listinfo.cgi/impdev-imprudenceviewer.org>
> and/or kokua-dev
> <http://lists.kokuaviewer.org/listinfo.cgi/kokua-dev-kokuaviewer.org>
> lists if you haven't already. Or, if you prefer, have a look at their
> respective
> <http://lists.imprudenceviewer.org/pipermail/impdev-imprudenceviewer.org/>
> archives
> <http://lists.kokuaviewer.org/pipermail/kokua-dev-kokuaviewer.org/> on
> the web from time to time.

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