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Borun (a.k.a. Boroondas Gupte) borun at kokuaviewer.org
Sun Jan 29 03:35:52 PST 2012

On 01/28/2012 04:47 AM, Nicky Perian wrote:
> Does anyone have a full perm (opensim) Invisible Avatar Alpha to use
> when wearing a rigged mesh?
> There is one in SL library but, I doubt it can be exported for opensim
> use.
> In SL library it is in Body Parts.

An 'Alpha' wearable for /complete/ invisibility of the legacy avatar is
"trivial" to create yourself. (No texture uploads needed, even!)
E.g. with Kokua-Linuxi686-0.1.1-WIP-Imp3rdBirthday-Special:

 1. Open the Inventory (*Ctrl-i*)
 2. In the Inventory's 'add new item' menu ([*+*] button), select *New
    Clothes* > *New Alpha*
 3. Give the new inventory item a name
 4. From the new inventory item's context menu, select '*Wear*'
 5. From the new inventory item's context menu, select '*Edit*'
 6. Check the checkbox besides each texture preview to turn the
    corresponding body part fully invisible
 7. click the '*save*' arrow on top

Done :-)

If you want only some legacy body parts invisible, just check those
specific checkboxes. If you want these body parts to be only partially
invisible, upload a corresponding alpha texture and apply it. For each
texel <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texel_%28graphics%29>, it's
all-or-nothing, though. No translucency / semi-transparency.


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