[kokua-dev] [impdev] All Hands Meeting Results

Armin Weatherwax armin.weatherwax at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 31 06:33:33 PST 2012

Some notes:

> 64bit so we'll continue to make a Linux 64bit client available.
> Regarding Windows, at first we'll only provide a 32bit client (With SSE
> optimizations) 
SSE2 is the minimum requirement for any V3.x viewer  - which indeed rules out 
some older hardware, users having that issue usually have 32bit amd 
processors built before 2006. Maybe some hardware guide would help them to 
decide what to upgrade to. 

> Still we would like to release a Windows 
> 64bit version at some point to try to see if it makes a difference.
Thats a large task. Its absolutely possible  that some of the depending 
libraries need extra work for that.
If anyone is going for that I propose to find people who want to actively help 
from other projects, including and in special from LL.
Some of the current code is very 32bit oriented and it would help a lot if 
work on that would rather happen in the upstream code. Since anyone would 
benefit  I think it should be no problem to find people who support such a 
project in the one or the other way.

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