[kokua-dev] [opensource-dev] Mesh uploads in OpenSource SL viewer

Nicky Perian nickyperian at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 21 07:47:35 PDT 2012

It is in kokua viewer but, there are first time upload crashes that have come in with viewer-beta 3.3.3 code. We are working on a crash fix release now.

You are welcome to watch http://bitbucket.org/nickyp/kokua-dev

There are downloads available but, if uploading mesh, upload with main sl viewer first then kokua should work.


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>Subject: [opensource-dev] Mesh uploads in OpenSource SL viewer
>Hi - I've been experimenting with building viewer 3 lately (based on pulling code for 3.3.0-release (rev 22667) a while back.  I have the viewer built and running.  However, on trying to upload a mesh although the 'calculate weights' button is there, my mesh previews ok and all LODs have green ticks, pressing the 'calculate weights' button gives a disabled 'upload' button that never becomes enabled.  I assume that this is related to the need for Havok to perform the convex hull decomposition?  But even if I provide a physics model manually the same thing happens.  Is some form of decomposition essential?  I've seen that some of the TPVs have mesh upload capability, and that there are open source initiatives for this, but I'm not entirely sure how to go about building them into the viewer.  Also, how does one go about building the havok-based decomposition for use with SL?  Is that switched off by default in the build?
>Neil Canham (Richard Meiklejohn in SL)
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