[kokua-dev] [Opensim-users] Kokua experimental with Opensim building limits

Nicky Perian nickyperian at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 2 06:30:38 PDT 2012


Could you check for the current version. Also, which operating system.
Marcus reported it working without bounce back on the windows version. Using the same simulation rev.


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>it bounced back to 64x64 meters on the osgrid ( latest OSgrid 
recommended 0.7.4 (Dev) 0db60ee: 2012-05-20 ) 
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experimental with Opensim building limits
>Please test the opensim building limits.
>I tested against a cube set to 256 meters using the object tab size entry 
in x and y on 3rd Rock Grid and Secondlife Beta Grid.
>No bounce to 64 meters on 3RG. Beta grid bounced back to 64 
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