[kokua-dev] simple instructions for installing sources and compiling on Windows

michel denis michel.m.denis at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 07:27:59 PDT 2013


Congratulations for Kokua 3.5.1 !

I'd like to investigate a "Kokua for Dummies" variant of 3.5.1 or
(preferably) 3.5.2

In particular this *might* be the opportunity to finally make virtual
worlds at-large get out of the experimental and social domains and enter
the mainstream of enterprise/corporate use -- aren't we all hoping that
3DVW and Opensim become the foundations of next gen internet -- feedback
from several enterprises is that a lighter and simplified viewer is
required for the "very end user" (though builders and admins would continue
to use the full Kokua)

Kokua seems to be one of the most interesting foundation platforms for such
"Viewer for Dummies" variant.

Now it looks to me (and others) that instructions for installing and
compiling sources (on Win) do not much motivate people to try playing with
the sources etc ... but I'm pretty sure that some of you has a simple list
of steps, like it exists with other open source software.

Could you help with that ?

Many thanks,
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