[kokua-dev] Bumpy road ahead

Nicky Perian nickyperian at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 19 07:43:48 PST 2013

Pending from Lindenlab are 2 major features that will be difficult to merge into Kokua.

The viewer-interesting cohort gives much needed performance improvement for rezzing objects much as server side appearance did for avatars. Early work on this merge shows that LL decided to update a lot of code that was not directly related to interest list rezzing. In viewer-interesting LL has removed deprecated methods without any warning steps involved. By that I mean setting up a compiler warning that a deprecated method was in use and that method "xxx" is its replacement. That has been done for LL_WARNS vs ll_warns() in viewer interesting and then those can be dealt with before the methods are removed from code. Most all TPV's used the deprecated methods so much work is ahead to sort those out.

The server side appearance project has recently removed client baking code and added what is known as AIS, an inventory model, that is needed to support Current Outfit Folders (COF) and inventory actions for avatar baking in a more rigorous way. We (kokua) produced a test viewer that has AIS with client baking returned but,since that work was completed there have been additional repository pushes by the SSA project group. Early work of course resulted in many merge conflicts related to Kokua adding back in client baking and I suspect that the SSA group will have more pushes forthcoming.

My thoughts are to suspend work on server side baking and interest list  and wait until they are included in  viewer-release, At that time we may want to consider a complete restart of Kokua from the most up to date viewer-release.

Either way, merge from where we are or start over, there is much work ahead in order for Kokua to use these much improved viewer performance features.

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