[kokua-dev] Reminder: weekly mid-week kokua-dev meetup 2013-12-25, 20:00 UTC

Borun (a.k.a. Boroondas Gupte) borun at kokuaviewer.org
Wed Dec 25 06:02:33 PST 2013

On 24.12.2013 20:00, Kokua meetup reminder wrote:
> This is the reminder for the weekly mid-week kokua-dev meetup tomorrow, 2013-12-25.
Due to having Christmas dinner with my family tonight as well as having
to prepare today for my trip to 30c3
<http://events.ccc.de/category/30c3/> tomorrow, I will not attend the
kokua-dev meetup today.

I hope you had a Happy Festivus and wish you a Merry <insert what you
celebrate here (several may apply)> and a good start of 2014.

The next meetup is sceduled for New Year's day. I don't know yet,
whether I'll be around for the meetup that day, or whether any of you
will. So in case I don't see you then, have a great Mungday!

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