[kokua-dev] Build system changes for LL

Nicky Perian nickyperian at yahoo.com
Wed May 8 00:27:35 PDT 2013

Last week LL pushed to viewer-beta build system changes. The build system changes require cmake be at version 2.8.8 or higher. These versions of cmake allow some build time population of version information into all the proper places. For Kokua, past practices were to work a build and then before making it public modifying viewerinfo.cpp with the version information and build once more, and on linux run a python script to create version marked archive files. The version information is now in each build and the version marked archives are created without post build intervention.

In conjunction with the build system changes google-breakpad was updated from version 599 to 1099 and functionally was expanded (i.e. more headers in play). This was seamless for windows and linux 32 bit but a rebuild of the 64 bit library was required. The linux platform had used shared libraries of google-breakpad and Google dropped the ability to build shared and static libraries together. Shared libraries had to be made seperatly and with avaiable tools from Google. Additionally, there were link time errors in viewer media plugins with google-breakpad linked statically. This was corrected with a Makefile change in google-breakpad. Boring details are here. Kokua's google-breakpad repository is up to date with these changes https://bitbucket.org/kokua/3p-google-breakpad/overview . Archive and mD5 hash files are in the downloads selection. 

This repository has the LL merge and the kokua make it work changes. For those who cannot build a viewer installer and archive files are in the downloads selection. https://bitbucket.org/NickyP/kokua-3.5.2-newbuild . 

Review of the code and testing the viewers is desired.

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