[kokua-dev] simple instructions for installing sources and compiling on Windows

Michel DENIS michel.m.denis at gmail.com
Tue May 7 23:58:09 PDT 2013

Hello Nicky,

Sorry for not having updated you about my work.
Actually I have been very busy with many other day-to-day work, and 
still will be in the coming days.
Then one of my priorities will be to install and try compiling Kokua.


Nicky Perian wrote:
> michel,
> Just a follow-up to see how you doing. Have you established you 
> windows development system?
> Nicky
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>     Hello,
>     Congratulations for Kokua 3.5.1 !
>     I'd like to investigate a "Kokua for Dummies" variant of 3.5.1 or
>     (preferably) 3.5.2
>     In particular this *might* be the opportunity to finally make
>     virtual worlds at-large get out of the experimental and social
>     domains and enter the mainstream of enterprise/corporate use --
>     aren't we all hoping that 3DVW and Opensim become the foundations
>     of next gen internet -- feedback from several enterprises is that
>     a lighter and simplified viewer is required for the "very end
>     user" (though builders and admins would continue to use the full
>     Kokua)
>     Kokua seems to be one of the most interesting foundation platforms
>     for such "Viewer for Dummies" variant.
>     Now it looks to me (and others) that instructions for installing
>     and compiling sources (on Win) do not much motivate people to try
>     playing with the sources etc ... but I'm pretty sure that some of
>     you has a simple list of steps, like it exists with other open
>     source software.
>     Could you help with that ?
>     Many thanks,
>     -michel
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