[kokua-dev] Imprudence quest

Michael Wettreus we3usimage at yahoo.se
Sat Sep 26 10:57:41 PDT 2015

Hey !
I own my one grid and I are building a new website for my grid.
I have many visitors on my website but most of them think that it is too technically difficult to become a member and log in to my grid so I try to simplify this now.

Is it possible to add to its grid name in the imprudence setup app (download) I mean the customer's desktop Icon(custom Viewer) .
I hope you understand my English . I would like to have my own download app with my grid name imprudence are welcome to attend.
I understand that it is an open program, but it would be an opportunity to work together on this.
I'm happy to pay for this if it is not too costly.
SincerelyMichael Wettreus
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