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Judging by recent messages on the Opensource-Dev mailing list we’re well ahead of the curve (and LL themselves) thanks to Nicky’s efforts and those assisting (especially drakeo).


Firestorm aside, we appear to be one of the few viewers with concurrent Mac, Unix and Windows releases.


Long may it continue!


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I want to release when we fold in the next merge from LL, the linux release can be without media for the initial release. Just continue to work media and we can merge in when ready. This is not meant to rush. I just want all concerned to take out now unused bookmarks.


On Mon, Apr 30, 2018, 12:19 PM Nicky Perian <nickyperian at gmail.com <mailto:nickyperian at gmail.com> > wrote:

I am in the wrap up phase for releasing both RLV and NORLV Linux viewers.


Please remove the following bookmarks from personal forks and local copies all Kokua repositories.


 hg bookmark -d KokuaSL-NORLV-Linux


hg bookmark -d Kokua-MKRLV-Linux



hg push -B  KokuaSL-NORLV-Linux 


hg push -B  Kokua-MKRLV-Linux 



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