[kokua-dev] rendering JPEG2000 secondlife vs. opensim

Nicky Perian nickyperian at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 17 17:55:42 PDT 2012

While building and testing kokua viewer from the viewer-development code base I have stumbled 
across a couple issues seemingly related to rendering body parts at log on. Please note that these
show up in a release with debug information (RelWithDebInfo) configuration so the llaserts 
have not been stripped.

Taking most recent first, and in reference to a brief chat with JCC at last weeks kokua developers meeting,
there is a rendering anomaly which is best displayed by the following images:

Note: It is a male avatar without clothes:


These where found while determining the changeset that supposedly introduced the changed
behavior and it is not present when logged to Secondlife.

The quick solution was to backout the changeset and recompile. But, I think that is a band aid
that hides a opensim server problem.

Earlier I had experienced llassert actions in llface.cpp that where also related to exceeding a size maximum.
Again another band aid solution.  Comment out the assert and recompile and all seemingly was OK.

So, thinking that maybe this is an edge case where the texture for body parts is 0-512 or 513 pixels instead
of 512 I decided to attempt to open the body part images located at C:\diva-r16915\bin\assets\Avatar\Newruth

using the JPEG2000 plugin with the GIMP. Gimp cannot decode the images even though the test jpeg2000
images delivered with the plugin opened fine.

I do not have photoshop.

Could someone with knowledge of the images in the server check their validity?

Concerning the most recent anomaly, I sent via email the information to the dev that authored the patch but, have not heard back.

Since was an attempt at more rigor in the viewer pipeline and since it doesn't affect Secondlife servers I don't see them moving
to resolve it.   


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