[kokua-dev] [Opensim-users] rendering JPEG2000 secondlife vs. opensim

Nebadon Izumi nebadon2025 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 19:54:21 PDT 2012

Infraview had no problem opening any of these textures, they all appear to
be 512x512 pixels, see attached screenshot below:


On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 5:55 PM, Nicky Perian <nickyperian at yahoo.com> wrote:

> While building and testing kokua viewer from the viewer-development code
> base I have stumbled
> across a couple issues seemingly related to rendering body parts at log
> on. Please note that these
> show up in a release with debug information (RelWithDebInfo) configuration
> so the llaserts
> have not been stripped.
> Taking most recent first, and in reference to a brief chat with JCC at
> last weeks kokua developers meeting,
> there is a rendering anomaly which is best displayed by the following
> images:
> Note: It is a male avatar without clothes:
> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7833186/LazyGuy-BadatChangeSet%2824cdc2fee3d9%29%20.JPG
> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7833186/LazyGuy-GoodatChangeSet%28221f63297f33%29.JPG
> These where found while determining the changeset that supposedly
> introduced the changed
> behavior and it is not present when logged to Secondlife.
> The quick solution was to backout the changeset and recompile. But, I
> think that is a band aid
> that hides a opensim server problem.
> Earlier I had experienced llassert actions in llface.cpp that where also
> related to exceeding a size maximum.
> Again another band aid solution.  Comment out the assert and recompile and
> all seemingly was OK.
> So, thinking that maybe this is an edge case where the texture for body
> parts is 0-512 or 513 pixels instead
> of 512 I decided to attempt to open the body part images located
> at C:\diva-r16915\bin\assets\Avatar\Newruth
> using the JPEG2000 plugin with the GIMP. Gimp cannot decode the images
> even though the test jpeg2000
> images delivered with the plugin opened fine.
> I do not have photoshop.
> Could someone with knowledge of the images in the server check their
> validity?
> Concerning the most recent anomaly, I sent via email the information to
> the dev that authored the patch but, have not heard back.
> Since was an attempt at more rigor in the viewer pipeline and since it
> doesn't affect Secondlife servers I don't see them moving
> to resolve it.
> Thoughts....
> Nicky
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