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Nicky Perian nickyperian at yahoo.com
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wow great to have mac dev try.

The repo's for kokua are likely buggy from a build standpoint since it has been so long between mac builds.
I suggest, if you haven't, to build viewer-development first as there is more documentation and dev's building on mac's. Then, take the knowledge
gained from a to build on v-d and apply to the kokua build.

NickyP (not a mac dev)

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After reading the results of the general meeting, I decided to try to build kokua on my mac using the latest xcode and cmake. 

I got errors about a missing 64 bit SDK so I learned that I had to assign it a specific SDK. I did that by opening the project up in xcode, 
clicking on the blue project icon to the left and then changing the 
value of Architectures and Base SDK. 

tried changing the values to 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7 but it hasn't seemed to make much difference; I'm still getting the same errors either way.

I'm not sure how to save the errors from the xcode IDE, so I ran xcodebuild from 
the command line. The version I'm using doesn't accept "--configuration" as an option so I had to just simply type "xcodebuild" with no options in my Build directory.
The output from that is pretty cryptic (basically it just says "compile failed"); if anyone's familiar w/ xcode and can tell me how I can get the messages from the IDE, I'd be happy to share the messages it gave me.


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