[kokua-dev] Weekly Meetup time for the rest of October: 19 UTC (Was: Re: [impdev] Meetup Time for future kokua-dev inworld meetups)

David Seikel onefang at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 10:31:25 PDT 2012

On Sat, 13 Oct 2012 16:58:30 +0200 "Borun (a.k.a. Boroondas Gupte)"
<borun at kokuaviewer.org> wrote:

> On 10.10.2012 23:38, Borun (a.k.a. Boroondas Gupte) wrote:
> On 11.10.2012 04:34, David Seikel wrote:
> >> Should we have the next weekend meetups (ImpDev meetup on October
> >> 20 and Team Purple meetup on October 21) on 19 UTC, too, or keep
> >> them at 20 UTC?
> > There are no more ImpDev meetings, since no one turns up.  Once a
> > month Team Purple meetings is fine with me anyway.
> I've removed the Saturday meeting
> <http://wiki.kokuaviewer.org/w/index.php?title=Kokua-dev_inworld_meetup_agenda&diff=prev&oldid=4042>
> from the agenda page and left the Sunday meeting's time as TBD for
> now. I'm not sure what to do about the old ImpDev monthly in world
> meetup agenda
> <http://wiki.kokuaviewer.org/wiki/ImpDev_monthly_in_world_meetup_agenda>
> page. I guess it's not needed anymore, so I'd like to delete it.
> However, while the history is preserved even for deleted pages, it
> won't be accessible for anyone but wiki admins anymore, as far as I
> know. As I'd like the history for non-spam pages to remain accessible
> for anyone, should I just replace the content of the page with a
> notice?

That monthly meeting is coming up this weekend, so lets settle on 19:00
UTC for it, for the same reasons it's been changed for the weekly
meetings.  Seems to make sense to me.

Oh, and this message servers as the reminder to.  B-)

A big old stinking pile of genius that no one wants
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